A Follow-Up


A follow-up to my recent exteriors posts. I started this frame while I was in Paris last month but could not complete it due to heavy work at Institut Jean-Nicod, where I was a visiting researcher. For the last couple of days, I had time to go back to this project and enhance it.

The grass is modeled by me and scattered using ForestPack Lite, so are the black pebbles and the white pebbles which cover the driveway. The tiles are created using RailClone2 Lite. The lite version allows for only three segments in the array to be tiled, so I used several ‘transform’ operators in order to get more sizes. The same goes for the cloture tiles.

I did not want to use a VraySun in this frame since the HDRi map is already strong enough to cast nice and sharp shadows. Using a sun would only mess up the scene.

The car can be acquired for free from here. Viz-people also has a bunch of other free stuff which can be a total life-saver in several cases.

After a two-hour long post-production on Photoshop, here it is.




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