Round Patched Pouffe


A quick project I did upon my former boss’s sudden request today. His client, as I understand, was a bit too eager to see what her favourite piece of furniture (apparently a pouffe) would look like after it’ll have been produced.

The pouffe is made up of leather with three different colors: sand beige, greyish blue and dark dim brown. I modeled the pouffe in Marvelous Designer and exported it as and .OBJ file to be later imported into 3dsMax preserving all the details. I added the piping in between the patches by selecting the borders in the sub-object dropdown menu and giving them thickness. Note that you need to export your object without welding the seams while you are still at Marvelous Designer if you want to be able to easily choose these edges later. If you weld the seams it could be a long headache…

The floor model was generated using RailClone2 Lite. I created two 2D arrays in order to control the tonal difference between the sequences of chevron parquet planks. This way, you can get a different colour scheme for every other sequence of planks. The material is a basic wood with a MultiTexture map in its diffuse slot and a fresnel black and white falloff map in its reflection and highlight glossiness slots. Finally, I added a VraySun to get nice reflections on the leather.

I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Please do not hesitate to ask me any question you may have.



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