Love’s in the Air !


Although I am more of a September lover, I will not deny that February 14th is also a special day. With the help of some motivation I acquired from this special day, I prepared a scene where a bunch of heart-shaped ‘valentine’ cushions are hanging. I created four different cushion models using Marvelous Designer to avoid repetition (I did not want to lose the uniformity so the differences were actually quite subtle). I played with the pressure and elasticity options until I got my desired result.

After the modeling process, I imported the cushions as OBJ files and assigned UVW unwrap modifier for the textures to fit just fine. I created the stripes using Max’s checker texture and the heart/bitten heart texture using Illustrator and Photoshop. I created several multi/sub-object materials which consisted of three velvet materials with falloff maps assigned to their diffuse slots.

For the background cushions I used MultiScatter, an extremely versatile tool in scattering objects both in 2D and 3D environments.

For the post production, I created a VRayZdepth map and added it to the alpha channel on the image in Photoshop to get the lens blur effect I desired.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !



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